Monday, February 27, 2017

Snow in Seattle

Hello everybody!
Sorry, it's been such a long time since my last post, to be honest, there really hasn't been anything to blog about in a while. However, I thought a quick update would be nice and a great time to display some of the wonderful pictures I received on the latest snow day in Seattle (by the way, Uni was cancelled!)

When I woke up, I woke to a beautiful blue window. I, of course, clicked on my twinkle lights.

I thought the blue-ish tinge made a nice, natural filter for a mirror picture. (A post of my wall decor is to come!)

I instantly ran outside in the bright morning (surprising because I'm usually a late sleeper) and looked over the fence to the beautiful blanket of snow. 

as shown in my instagram: @little.chipmunk

It was a nice day to relax and just enjoy some warm cider inside. As the weather gets colder and wetter in Seattle, I wish you all some relaxation time to cozy up inside and pamper yourself.

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