Saturday, September 10, 2016

Discovering Washington: Sequim Lavender Festival

hello everyone!
Every year in Washington we have a whole bunch of Lavender Festivals and one really well known festival is the Sequim Lavender Festival, which I finally got to go to! This year the festival was held from July 15th to 17th, and as we transition to more or less Autumn (yay!) I thought it would be a nice blast to the past to look at some Summertime memories.

*Disclaimer: sorry if this brings out sadness or yearning for the Summertime, that was not my intention :p *

The very first thing that greeted my eyes was this purple painted beauty, which just proved how much lavender love there was at this festival.

When you reach the farm, through complimentary shuttle, the first thing I saw was the New England style farmhouse completed with overgrown greenery that creates a tunnel that looks straight out of Secret Garden.

When you go out to the fields, you're just hit with bunches of blooming lavender that surround you. The scent was light and fresh, the sun was beaming, the wind was light, and a beautiful purple haze surrounds you. I'm talking about the lavender, not whatever Jimi Hendrix was singing about. 

They're also nice enough to label different types of lavender, tip: Royal Velvet is culinary lavender ;)

I mean, even the animals seemed so happy to be there! It was honestly one of the best and most peaceful moments in my life. They even had a maze which I, of course, tried, and failed...and then cheated. whoops!

Tons of local artists and crafters also come to feature their works. It took everything I had not to buy this beautiful birdhouse, especially since I didn't have a house of my own. However, I did buy some local honey which is an obsession I just can't resist. 

The sun definitely beats you down though, so we stopped by the market held in Downtown Sequim. I picked up a nice, icy Arnold Palmer and unfortunately ran into a Chocolate Caramel Apple stand in which I continued to buy out their entire stock. But at the end of the day, my Birkenstock tan was well worth all the sun exposure and walking I went through that day. And now I will seemingly always have a 3-inch tan band weirdly placed across my feet, oh well!

I loved the summer, but I do have to say my favorite season is Autumn so I look forward to sharing that season. 

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