Saturday, April 9, 2016

Exploring Washington: The Fremont Neighborhood

hello everybody, I'm back!! 
I'm so sorry to have kept the spaces between blogs so long, but with spring upon us, the explorations season has finally begun! So come and join me on my trip to the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.

Since Uni, thrifting has become a new found skill. Fremont is full of quirky, underground shops like this one I just came across. I found this adorable little "Winnie the Pooh" quote book that is so whimsical and lovely. 

And to my surprise, the Fremont Street Fair was being held on the day that I impulsively decided to go to Fremont. These pop-up cards absolutely stole my heart. I actually purchased the camera pop-up card displayed on the left and all of them have a really unique cut out design on the front of the card. Everybody was so attracted to these lovely card because of the intricacy, like the seats for the ferris wheel actually swing back and forth!

Another favorite booth of mine was the Shrubs booth. Shrubs is basically a concentrated syrup that you mix with soda water or alcohol to create a cocktail. It really is refreshing and it has a bit of a tartness that makes it really refreshing to the tongue.

After a hard day of exploration, the ultimate exploration is the local street food, of course! I've heard of "nosh" before, but never go to try it and was super excited especially with their daily special of Fish + Chips. 

The meal was a bit pricy, coming around $10, but the Fish + Chips was huge! I was only able to eat about half of it. Definitely delicious and love how crunchy the outside batter was. Another cool thing was since there were only so many tables, we had to share with strangers which spurred some amazing, impromptu conversation. I met a grandfather who told me of his trip to London during the great heat wave and how in Russia they were serving Vodka Floats (Ice Cream + Vodka!)

Even though you may not be able to explore Fremont specifically, any impulsive/impromptu trip is highly recommended! I literally got on a random bus and got off at a random location and had an absolute blast by myself. Go out and explore!

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