Monday, January 18, 2016

What I Got for Christmas ***

hello everybody!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! I am officially back at school and was just slammed with the adjusting I needed to do, mainly my horrible sleep schedule *whoops* I always get a bit nostalgic for the holidays around this busy time, so I'm going to be recounting what I received for Christmas and hopefully you all enjoy! (is it just me who likes these types of blogs? maybe I'm just a gigantic stalker :\. oh well, off we go!)

1. Tea Fisherman {Kikkerland} + Ceramic Mug

The cup is so adorable and I love the typewriter font on it. It's not perfect either, as it has little bends and wrinkles which I think is perfect for a rustic look. The tea fisherman is especially a favorite, it's just an adorable man that sits on the side of your cup that you can string your tea bag through so the string doesn't get lost in the water! brilliant!

2. Drawing Pad + Watercolor Pencils {Local Craft Store}

I love to doodle and, of course, art tools are a must. I love these watercolor pencils because their the perfect multi-use tool in regards to watercolor. Also I love the drawing pad as it's nice and thick which I could do some ink calligraphy on! (love the quote as well!)

3. Ring Dishes {Anthropologie}

These ring dishes are perfect for usage or just decor. Though I love Anthro, sometimes I can't afford it, but these dishes were both well-priced and absolutely adorable. I especially fell in love with the hidden messages underneath the dishes ~

 4. Cookbook {Anthropologie}

Now, this was actually a gift to myself :p I love a good cookbook and Anthropologie was actually having a great sale after the Christmas period. This book is very rustic and I love the concept that these foodies went to 20 different rustic dinner places and took their iconic dishes and compiled a twist version into this fantastic book. 

They also have little labels on the bottom for which season each dish matches!

 5. Adorned Winter Candles

I am a strong lover candles, especially winter scents. This apple, pumpkin, cinnamon, spice smelling candle is absolutely amazinggg! I honestly haven't found a winter candle that can battle this smell and it doesn't  hurt that the glass votive is so beautifully decorated.

6. Ceramic Box {J. Crew}

This funky little box is perfect for jewelry or keepsakes. I also love that the color was so bright and cheerful because usually I don't have a lot of color in my room decor so this definitely adds a nice pop!

I hope you all had a wonderful winter holiday and are adjusting to the busy January season :) Here's a picture of my family's wonderful white christmas tree for a little nostlagia

~ *still dreaming about a winter wonderland* ~

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