Sunday, December 13, 2015

Uni Days: my new home

hello everyone!

I just came to realize that I never did a new dorm tour! Well, when I first came upon my dorm I immediately thought of a prison (haha that sounds so horrible, but very true)

The floor was concrete and I happened to be staying in one of the older, grandfather dorms so things looked very old. But the great thing about old building is that it has its beauties.

One of my favorite sites was this vintage-looking mail wall. I always like my fingers across when I walk past it.

The night is especially beautiful. The weather is a bit chilly, but if you wear a jumper then you should be fine. They have these globe street light lamps that immediately remind of a scene from Narnia. 

The light in the lamps gave off this warm, golden glow which was just beautiful on the trees. The whole campus is filled with trees and shrubbery which surprised me so much because everywhere was brick and concrete as well.

It's strange to think this place I wasn't really fond of became my home so quickly. 

~ all you need to know are the ins and outs to find its beauties ~

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