Thursday, December 31, 2015

happy new years!

hello everybody! 
I hope you had a very merry christmas and/or any other yule tide celebration you celebrate! :) I wanted to wish all of you guys a very joyous new years!

created by yours truly!

I always love New Year's because it really feels like a new beginning even if nothing really changes. It's like the end of a quarter, all the homework can be cleared away to make room for the new, unpredictable quarter ahead. So take this day to shake, dance, party out all the negativity from the year before and refresh.

So pop some bubbly! (I prefer Sparkling Cider :p ) And start making a nest for your new life and new goals. My biggest resolution is to kickstart my new healthy lifestyle. Sure, that means the classic exercise and healthy food (let's see about that haha), but the biggest part is emotional positivity! I really want to wake up earlier and make time to unplug/meditate while getting ready, also I especially want to take time throughout the day to check myself from being negative to myself. 

What are some of you resolutions and how are you celebrating the New Year's?

~ so pop, clink, drink, party or chill, and enjoy! ~

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