Saturday, December 26, 2015

Friday Favorites! (on a not Friday...)

hello everybody!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, sorry I've been a bit on leave, but of course this is just a hectic time of year haha. In the spirit of thankfulness with holiday joy, I wanted to share some items that have really been favorites of mine for the past week!

  1. Kombucha!

I don't quite know how I even came across this strange drink, but I am definitely hooked. Though the taste is a bit overwhelming at first, it strangely becomes addictive...I honestly have no idea why my strange body enjoys this now (though it helps that the packaging is so pretty! :p)
 My personal favorite brand is Brew Dr. in the flavor Love

  1. following the theme of tea...Harvey + Sons

Okay, I know that you might be thinking I'm over-reacting, but this is seriously the best tea I have had so far! I honestly can't believe I just found this brand, but the Hot Cinnamon Spice (black tea) is a very strong cinnamon spiced tea with just a hint of sweetness, which I personally love! I also purchased their Chamomile to calm myself down after a long day :3

  1. Blankets!!!

I mean seriously, you had to expect this haha. I mean I live in the rainy Seattle city. Jokes aside, blankets have been my savior this Autumn/Winter season because I have such poor circulation in my little feet that this brown heated blanket and thick quilt have done their job of keeping me toasty

  1. Books (new + rereads)
I plead guilty! I have this terrible habit of monopolizing most of my precious reading time with rereading previous favorites, but honestly during these cold months it gives me such a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Now, I'm not going to do a summary because I'm sure all you lovely, intelligent people will just read the official summary on goodreads or something like that, so I'll just say my opinion. Here are just a few features of what I'm reading:

Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer

Very interesting, very surprising, and yet...oddly memorable. I was surprised by some of the hanky-pankiness (yes, I just used that) in the book and felt it was long at parts and honestly I read this because of school....but after a while....I became oddly attached to it. It has a lot of tragedy and moments that made you think "if only...", but it has the best timed comedy as well. It's that type of comedy that's like rich caramel than the regular's that comedy where everything is going wrong and nothing's really funny, but you're in that melancholy mood where there's nothing else you can really do but laugh. It's really quite beautiful.

Wise Child by Monica Furlong is a much lighter read haha. Always about balance, Wise Child is my childhood book that I came across just cause it looked funky. It's about a little girl who gets taken in by this village white witch and goes through her own learning to become one of these witches. I would honestly place this children's book more literary than most of the YA novels I've read (i.e. Twilight), yet the greatness is in it's simplicity.

haha I hoped you enjoyed seeing some of my book obsession come out :p, sorry about that. 
~ but books are indescribably magical, because create a whole scenario in which you're a different person, in a different place, with different laws of physics that all combine to an inexplicably addicting experience, read! ~

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