Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Finds for the Day

hello everyone!

Since my last post was a bit longer than usual, I thought I'd keep this one short, simple, and sweet for all of you guys.
I wanted to update any of you guys looking for a portable charger of this adorable Cheero Power Pack.

It's 10400 mAh which supposedly charges a phone about 5 times. I really enjoy how it's such a large power pack, because I definitely forget to charge in between uses haha. Also, the pack is just too darn adorable with its little face. Cheero also doesn't use color description, but rather flavor description, so I bought the vanilla flavor. But there are also chocolate flavor, strawberry flavor, green matcha flavor, etc... haha for all you flavor experimenters :p

I also thought I would share this little two image clip of the wind and view outside of my dorm. Now am I paranoid or does that tall tree look like it could crash through my window if a storm came...

~ short and least for me :) ~

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