Friday, December 11, 2015

A Farmer's Market Trip

hello everyone!

An amazing part of Uni is the location you're in. It's absolutely amazing, I feel like I'm in the hub of all this activity. My absolute favorite event is the Saturday morning Farmer's Market. Washington really loves it's indie, rustic scene and the Farmer's Market show that perfectly.

After a while at Uni, you get desperate for fresh food. Naturally, I picked up a good amount of fruit - oh my goodness do I love raspberries. I also grabbed some little cherry tomatoes and this homemade jar of jam. 

I also made a new fruit friend: Red Anjou Pears. They're really convenient to eat and taste absolutely delicious when they're chill and hard for a bit of crunch. (wow, I've really been loving red fruits this month haha). 

This man was also selling fresh made bread in his little kiosk and I treated myself with a little loaf of sourdough. 

Something I didn't expect was this homemade greek yogurt. Now, I love greek yogurt - especially ones with jam, but this one was amazing! I honestly ate the whole tub as soon as I got back to my room. Definitely a new favorite. 
All this cost about 20 dollars which was actually amazing for how good everything was. I love how quality everything is at these markets and how happy everyone is about their products.

~ support your local farmers ;p ~

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