Friday, November 13, 2015

Autumn Styles

hello everybody!

I hope you guys have been having a great week! Washington is in full on fall weather with the sprinkling rain and strong winds, which is both a blessing and a curse haha. Honestly though, the wonderfully colored leaves make up for all of the cons of fall. 

Recently, I've been in a funk and wanted to change myself up a bit. So in the spirit of fall, I've dyed my hair red! 

I absolutely love the color and it's such a refreshing change from my usual ebony hair. It really gives me a Black Widow type of vibe as well. 

Following the theme of Autumn, I've gathered some dorm inspiration from friends. One fantastic idea was to get a mellow tapestry, such as this, and hang it from the ceiling. The little twinkle lights surrounding the ceiling also really give off a indie vibe.

Another product I've been loving are these Rose Gold headphones. They're quite comfortable and the sound quality is very nice, while also managing to be quite stylish - being especially nice during the fall time if you're looking for something to warm up your outfit.

I hope all of you are obsessed with Autumn as me. 
~ Farewell ~

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