Saturday, September 12, 2015

tarot deck + tips

hello everybody!

I thought I'd just go into a little bit more detail about The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck that had besides my bedside table, so enjoy!

It comes with a small guide included and you can buy the guidebook separately for more juicy info :]

In the guidebook they say to start out shuffling by grabbing and dropping cards one over the other (like below)

I really found, though, that gently shuffling the tarot deck like playing cards helped me more.

I then spread the deck into three separate piles, let it fall to its own accord!

And finally, I use the classic method of using the cards from the top. Though some will tell you to spread the deck and choose ones you're drawn to, I just found this way to resonate more with me. Remember that Tarot is all about individualism in the way you shuffle and interpret.
(I interpret rules more like guidelines - anybody get the reference :p)

Tarot is about self spirituality, not about what everyone else has. I found this deck constantly calling to me, but I also love classic decks.

~ find the magic within, goodbyeee ~

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