Saturday, September 19, 2015

Gifts Giving: welcome to a new home!

hello everyone!

I've been boxing my stuff this last week, getting ready to move to my new dorm! It's a fantastic feeling when you get to move out on your own for the first time, but at the same time it can be a little terrifying. This reminded me of the time where my sister moved out and the little home package I gave her and I wanted to show all of you guys as a budding idea!

The very first gift I came across were these absolutely adorable hedgehog dryer balls! I found them very practical and yet uniquely adorable, so I immediately picked these up. 

And since I won't be there when she feels down, I also picked her up this little fortune cookie book. They all have these little fortunes that are really inspiring rather than cryptic and strange which I always end up getting when I get Chinese. I'm still waiting for the delivery man in blue to drop off an ominous package o_o (not joking!)

from internet
and....of course I always cling to my whimsy! My sister really loves sparklers and I was amazed when I found this gold coated sparkler in the shape of a heart. She loves to take pictures and these sparklers are perfect! I also spotted this little capsule that's called an "I Wish" capsule. In a little strip of paper, you write your hopes, dreams, and desires. I know it's mostly superstition, but the idea is adorable for someone whose going to be living on their own.

~ you're never truly alone, my friends ~

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