Saturday, September 12, 2015

Bedside Books!

hello everybody!

Everyone has a bedside table filled with their loved goodies. I always have lip balm and hand cream on mine because they are constantly dry! But, a lot of people have special books they like to keep by their bed, whether it's to read or it's a notebook to write things down.

Sooo... I decided to share mine with all you lovely people just to inspire you with some beautifully decorated and important books!

One book that just makes me feel all bubbly inside is the "One Good Deed a Day" journal. It has little daily tasks that center around making yourself feel good (emotional release, charitable or kind acts, or taking care of yourself). I got this from Target (love!) and it's a really nice reminder in the grouchy mornings. 

The second book I have is the "Tarot Guidebook" from The Wild Unknown. This really helped me when I first go my tarot deck 2 years ago to help me dabble myself in and understand the meaning behind each tarot. 

The last thing I have on my bedside table is the deck of Tarot Cards from The Wild Unknown. They are all original concept art for each card created by the owner of the shop and are so beautifully designed. 


These are the books I like to refer to or just look at when I go to bed and when I wake up! I also have a novel smushed in there usually, but I just finished my last so I'm in the horrible state of being between books :o

~ books are a form of self-expression so keep the ones you love special, goodbyeee ~


  1. Your 'One Good Deed A Day' book looks incredible, where did you get it? I really want to get it xx

    1. hi Lou! I actually bought mine from Target, but they sell it on amazon as well. I've seen other books that are similar at stationary stores, but this one has little lines to reflect which is really nice :]