Thursday, August 20, 2015

Holy Moly, Tony Moly!

hello everybody!

I know I've been on hiatus, with all my friends leaving for college. During this time, I decided to treat myself with some spa like beauty products, just to pep myself up a bit.

I ordered the Dream Cooling Eye Stick, Steam Blackhead Balm, and Pore Tightening Balm by Tony Moly. I'm super guilty of not taking care of my blackheads, so I really hoped that this would work. I was also given a free sample of this fancy pansy face cream, which was super nice of Tony Moly.

First of all, the packaging is absolutely adorable! I actually use the cooling eye stick religiously! I get these puffy eyes whenever I wake up (:/) so I love it when I can actually feel the coolness against my eye.   


I haven't quite done the egg masks yet, but I will keep all of you updated and fingers crossed that it can solve one of the peskiest problems in beauty history! 

~ treat yourself, my friends ~

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