Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lolli + Pops!

hello everyone!

Finally! A solid internet connection and I am feeling so blissful right about now :D. Right before leaving Virginia to come back to sweet little Washington, I toured around Tyson's Mall in Annadale, VA. Then I came upon this little jewel!

Lolli and Pops is a vintage styled candy shop that is sweet and amazing. 

They are filled to the brim with all types of sweets and goodies! My personal favorite are sour belts, but Lolli + Pops seem to specialize in amazing Gummy Bears. (you can even rub the giant gummy bear's belly for good luck!)

The whole store has a very Mark Twain, vintage feel. It sparked the kid in me like no other! Something about a vintage candy store just made everything seemed sweeter and like every piece of candy was made with love and care. 

The chocolate they have is amazing! They have all kinds, handmade to chocolate bars to delicious hot cocoa. Honestly, the chocolate was so sweet and rich (the perfect chocolate for brownies!)

 I am so glad I came across Lolli + Pops because it just reminded of vintage stores that honestly care about there products and customers. Even just by taking a picture, I was given extra gummy bear samples! 

In the words of this small candy stores, 
~ "make every day delicious", my friends ~

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