Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Discovering Virginia: Virginia Beach Part 2!

hello everyone!
I know Part 1 of my little Virginia Beach travels were a bit dull for you all, but I'm hoping this day will be a little better :)

We started the day heading straight the beach. The weather was scorching! We wanted to grab a quick snack, so we went down the street to La Dolce Vita. It's a cute little store with European baked goods, delicious sandwiches, and even a collection of wines.

They made the little goodies right in front of you and they look absolutely delicious! It was actually really nice and pretty authentic because all the women had french accents. 

I highly recommend picking up a few snacks and heading to the beach. The water was absolutely fantastic in that it was shockingly warm for ocean waters. After spending hours at the beach, playing ladder golf, swimming around, and catching my highly needed Vitamin D. After all of this though, the whole group grew a huge hunger. And we knew exactly where to go. 

Lynnhaven is a fish house, obviously you can tell by the photos. This house had these things calls Hushpuppies, which I couldn't believe I was living my life without. The meal was so delicious, all I can say is it's a mix of seafood, comfort food, and southern flair. 

And as if the food at Lynnhaven wasn't enough, my mother and I decided to go for a little dairy run right before midnight. Yes, you are correct "Ben and Jerry's". I for the first time tried Ben and Jerry's, and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough was sweet and creamy. 

watercolor and pen drawing, in my hotel
It was a little sad to leave Virginia Beach. It was like out of those summer teen movies, where the guy and girl go and play around on those California boardwalks. But, I'm excited to go on and travel other places.

~ find your summer movie moment, my friends ~

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