Sunday, August 2, 2015

Discovering Virginia: Virginia Beach (part 1)!!!

hello everyone! 

I was hoping to post these during the trip, but I couldn't get enough internet access (the pain!). The drive was about 5 hours because of all the traffic so when we arrived it was night, but beautiful! It was the time of the blue moon, which only happens when there are two full moons within one month.

Unlike Washington, the weather was humid which kept the warmth all through the night. The hotel I stayed at was the Hilton, which was right there along the Virginia Beach boardwalk.

The boardwalk was so beautiful though. It really had this California summer vibe all the way in Virginia. The weather was warm with a nice breeze, and the sky still had light despite being close to midnight. Everybody, and I mean everybody  rode bikes and longboards. 

They had live music right on the boardwalk too. As soon as I arrived, the band "Cover This" was blasting Walk the Moon's "Shut Up and Dance with Me". (I swear my ears perked up like a dog! :'P ) Even though the band was just a local band, they were honestly very good. The guy especially had a great voice!

 I should be posting more of where to go when touring Virginia Beach and I hope you guys enjoy!

~ keep dancing, my friends ~

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