Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Uni Days: prep + review

hello everyone!

This is a post series "Uni Days" that is going to be specifically related to going into University/College. I wrote up a quick prep list in what to bring and be prepared to buy and I wanted to share it with you guys, just in case! Hopefully I'll be able to post some dorm-friendly DIYs.

Now! For the review. As you all probably can guess, I love the store Anthropologie for home goods. As you will further know, I've recently been trying to cut back on spending and keeping a budget for dorm buys. It's difficult because everyone wants their dorm to be organic to their personality and beautiful! A good median I've come up with is to buy the lesser expensive goods from Anthropologie just to have the feel without the budget breaking. :D

So... what I did was buy washcloths ( $10 or less) around their mid-year sale.
I got 3 of their linen-lined washcloth towels that were 12" x 20" big, which are more like the average size of kitchen hand towels (good deal!).

The three colors I got were sky blue, coral, and white.

The white and blue hand towels were $10, while the coral was $4 due to the sale. The colors came out so much more beautifully than I saw online, especially the coral because it had more of a red tinge. The quality of the towels are also very nice! They are more on the thin side, which I personally prefer, and pretty soft. An adorable feature that I didn't know before was that the washcloths had tassel linings that give it a more vintage, free people-like look.

The washcloths really had that Anthropologie feel and can give my dorm that feel without breaking my budget by buying their $200 bedding. So I encourage you to find a middle ground between your style and your budget!

~ never give up on your style, my friends ~

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