Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Uni Days: Microwave Meal?!

hello everybody!

I'm here with the classic uni meal: the microwave dinner. (duhn duhn!) I stopped by my local mart and picked myself up a frozen meal. The Hungry Man's Meal with pulled pork, corn, mashed potatoes, and apple crumble. 

I was super hesitant. I mean, I'm a girl whose gotten used to her high-class top ramen fast food. When I first saw the frozen package my heart started thumping. When the instructions said to remove the film from the dessert I was floored. I couldn't even tell if the brown glop was dessert or gravy (bad sign...)

After the whole cooking process was through, I took that first fateful bite. Honestly, I couldn't finish the meal. The mashed potatoes were ho-hum, but not bad. The corn just tasted like canned corn, which I liked. And the apple crumble was sweet and nice, but a tad gloppy. The meat though! The barbecue sauce was so sour that I couldn't even taste anything on. 

In the end, the meal wasn't too bad but I would definitely choose a different meal type. Personally, I don' think I would eat a microwave meal again...I mean I'm a cold-pressed juice type of girl! Don't get me wrong, I have a guilty spot for junk food, but maybe The Hungry Man is too much for me :P

~keep experimenting, try new things my friends ~

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