Monday, July 6, 2015

Light out of Darkness

hello everybody!

Sorry I've been on hiatus everyone, it's been a slightly busy week with the 4th of July celebrations going on. Recently, the Pacific Northwest has been going through some major warming (90 degrees to Washingtonians is unsually hot!) The other day I actually read that along the Washington/Canada coast, forest fires were going wild which truly is a terrible, sad thing. 

However, the weather is not something any of us can control, much like the majority of life. As I went on a midnight stroll the other day, I realized that the best thing to do in a dark situation that one can't really control is to find some type of light. Now, now. I know this sounds a little cliche and sappy melodramatic, but it's nice to remind yourself to look for the light. 

While there were terrible forest fires amok, this caused the atmosphere to alter and create this beautiful, enchanting orange moon. As I was walking with my family, I heard my father say that he has never seen such a moon in his entire life, and with all the goodbyes and separation as I approach the Uni age, it's nice to know that I could spend this moment creating something new and connecting.

Find your moon, my friends~

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