Monday, July 20, 2015

Discovering Washington: Homegrown Sustainable Sandwich mmmm....

hello everybody!

I recently discovered a beautiful, little jewel. Homegrown is a soup, salad, sandwich shop that is completely self-sustainable. Literally, their garbage is the size of tiny hand bucket because everything else goes to recycling or compost!

I went to the shop at Sammamish Plateau, but there are tons around Washington (Redmond, Seattle, Fremont, etc...). The shop was so quaint, the style itself just makes you feel healthier and more green. And they have such an assortment of hard to get drinks: you've got your Honest Tea, Cold-Pressed Stumptown Coffee, and even Water in a Box!

It's more like a restaurant than a deli though. They had an outdoor patio eating area with tree shade. In the summer, it is so nice! The price is more on the pricey end, the food is delicious. A first look, it seems like the serving size is small (half of a chicken pesto sandwich), but I was stuffed afterwards. 

I think you all might enjoy it, but always try it for yourself and make your own conclusions :D

~ always explore, my friends! ~

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