Wednesday, July 29, 2015

apologies + no worries!

hello everyone!

I am so sorry I've been gone recently! I've recently passed my birthday (yay!) and been preparing for a huge trip to Virginia!

Again, so sorry! But...I am hoping to get a very special post up by tomorrow. Now - without further delay - a little post to hold you guys till tomorrow!

I've recently talked about the sustainable sandwich shop "Homegrown", but something I want to show more about is the Water in a Box. This is a fantastic idea because everything is recyclable and makes you feel that much better. Also the container is designed so beautifully done, I really just want to carry around the bottle. 

 Also, here's a sneak preview into my trip to Virginia. I love TheFaceShop, a korean skincare brand. And amazingly, they decided to plant a little shop right around Annadale, VA. I also managed to stop a little bakery and thought you all would enjoy the absolutely adorable cakes they managed to make. 

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