Thursday, June 25, 2015

Discovering Washington: Ravenna's Garden (U-Village)

hello everybody!

I'm back with another shop discovery! The shop is called "Ravenna's Garden" and it feels like an indie/nature wonderland. I came across this little beauty while sitting on the fountain bench at U-Village. Imagine yourself looking at a bubbling fountain alone while feeling the awkward inside rise, when you suddenly spot a green hideaway. 

As I walked in, I instantly knew that Ravenna's Garden was a new go-to shop for me. The feel was vintage, filled with build-your-own terrariums and succulents. 

By far, the coolest trinket I came across in the store was The Matchstick Garden. These little boxes that look like matchstick books open up with to a line of petite cardboard pickets. When you look closely at the pickets, you'll see small seeds that can be any herb assortment (basil, cilantro, etc.)

This small garden sanctuary is gorgeous and feels absolutely rejuvenating.  
Enjoy the greenery, my friends ~

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