Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day Trip to.... Mazama and Winthrop, Wa

hello everyone!

Recently I took a family trip to the elusive Rolling Huts which are little cabins that you can rent and camp out in. The trip down was a 4 hour car ride over steep cliff sides, oh goodness was it long! The car trip was filled with road trip cliches: the bickering parents, the excited older sister, and the young one who just listened to music the whole way. And after finally reaching the Rolling Huts, it was time to explore!

The Rolling Huts was located right between Mazama and Winthrop. Both towns are small and rural, but so beautiful. They have this woodsy, natural feel that you can't replicate unless in a rural, close-knit community. Downtown Winthrop felt like an old Western, the town was complete vintage. The inside of the shops, however, were built modern which was such a perfect blend. 

Mazama was a whole different story! We had this brilliant idea of taking the 5 mile - that turned to 7 mile - hike in 90 degree heat (that's hot for Washingtonians!). As we trudged through and had a fun river time break...

the water was so clear

...we finally reached the Mazama Store.  I would say it was worth it, being the only coffeehouse within miles and wonderfully rustic, but the prospect of a 7 mile hike back in the dark made it less appreciated.

 Luckily, we found someone to hitchhike us back to the huts (oh the embarrassment and sketchiness!). Despite all that, the hike though was honestly beautiful and despite the awkward hitchhike moment, the Mazama store was something I've never scene before.

Keep on trudging~

**more about the Winthrop shops coming soon...**

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