Monday, June 29, 2015

Blast to the Past

hi everybody!

Do you remember that 4th grade field trip all those elementary schools had? That one trip that everyone looked forward to, a marker for being one of the "big kids". Well, for me, that was Skate King (now imagine halo lights coming from that title). 

Skate King was the roller skate rink of the 2000's. Kids fled there for their birthdays, field trips, and "cool" hangouts. I just revisited the rink today with some friends, due to it being closed. 

Man, the fear sweat was dripping off me! I know that sounds gross, but I was so terrified to fall down that I couldn't help laughing out of my irrational terror. It's like I was transported back to 5th grade me, afraid to fall and determined to win that elephant out of the claw (ahh that elephant!)

Today was definitely a day to remember - kind of bittersweet that I'm heading to college and losing Skate King at the same time, like I'm losing my childhood, but I did go back and visit.

~keep visiting, my friends~

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