Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Day Trip....to Downtown Winthrop

hello everyone!

**As I've promised before, here's the more in depth blog for Downtown Winthrop, WA :)

If you go into Winthrop, be prepared. I swear I thought I was transported to the old west with all the architecture of the town. There were signs saying saloon and speakeasy, it felt like a western. But...when you walk into the stores their totally refurbished.

It was the best of both world, a vintage style shop setting like Grandview from Ghost Whisperer and complemented by the modern, madewell style inside. Gathered was filled handmade scented candles, soap, and pottery. 

I really loved the vintage light bulbs that were spread around, they just had that classic look I'd love in my future apartment. There was also hand carved, wood dreamboxes. According to lore, you put a slip of paper holding your dreams in the box and wish for it every morning and night!

The other shops were just as adorable. There was a cooking shop and a skincare shop full of facial and massage services.

I was pretty sad that I wasn't staying long enough to see their Celestial Cinema Festival, but the designing of the flyer was too amazing not to post!

keep touring, my friends ~

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